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September 20, 2020

The New Shape of Jamming 2020

2020 has been a year of changes for the Jams, with our main event, the Global Service Jam, turning into a mix of virtual and physical events spread over many months. All local Hosts and HQ have had to react, pivot, and work with short lead times and last minute changes. The Hosts were amazing, and we had some fantastic events! On the way, we have learned a huge amount about new ways of Jamming. Now, we are ready to put that into practice in the upcoming Jams.

Global GovJam 2020

The Global GovJam – the Jam for all things public service – will take place at the end of 2020 as a mix of physical and virtual Jams. The Big Jam Week will be from the 3 to the 8 November 2020, with local Jams choosing their own timeslot of up to 48 hours for their #GGovJam event.   It’s a short lead time, so we might get a different Jam. But we’d like to experiment with you!

So, in this Covid context, we will also welcome GGovJam events any time between the 8 November and the 31 of December. In addition, we will allow other experimental formats – for example, a local Jam might take place over several weeks  – as long as the total working time does not exceed 48 hours.  (Please understand that Jams outside the Big Jam Week might experience less support and slower responses from Global HQ.)

Global Service Jam 2021

Our biggest Jam, the Global Service Jam, will remain a mix of physical and virtual events. In 2021,the #GSJam will take place on the weekend of the 12 March 2021. In most countries, this means Jams will take place between the 12 and 14 March. In countries with other weekends, for example some Muslim countries and Israel, Jam organisers may optionally choose the “local” weekend instead.

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