In 48 hours (or less!) Jammers in up to 100 cities around the world work simultaneously to create prototypes of new services and initiatives inspired by a secret global theme.

There are many multi-purpose templates, there are very few that have a strong emphasis on design. Flatkit comes with a multitude of carefully designed page layouts, purpose built content blocks that when pieced together create stunning, professional layouts. The possibilities are endless.

Homepage Layouts

Flatkit comes with 10 different homepages and 10 unique hero sections that
can easily be dropped into any section of any page.

7 Beautiful Navigation

Flatkit offers several navigation types that are functional yet beautiful.

With multiple navigation types and a variety of ways to style headers, main menus, and auxiliary navigation, you can create a totally unique experience for your users.

Build a Stunning Website

Flatkit is a complete design toolkit that gives you the tools you need to create
a unique and professional looking website for you or your client.

10 Homepages Layout

Flatkit comes with 10 different homepage and 10 unique hero sections that can easily be dropped into any section of any page.

30+ Components

Make any design stand out by using a combination of the 30+ components that come with Flatkit. Accordions, tabs, buttons and much more.

Ultimate Startup Pack

Flatkit is a great starting point for startups that need a quick and simple solution when it comes to creating a site. Save both time & money.

Dedicated Support

We aim to support you in a timely and effective manner via our dedicated support system.

Beautiful Typography

Flatkit includes carefully curated font pairs complementing a wide range of design styles allowing you to completely change the look and feel to suit your needs.

Infinite Possibilities

With a range of pre-design content blocks, components and plugins, Flatkit provides you with an unlimited number of possibilities.