Created on:
March 3, 2021

Global Jams collaborate with worldwide "No Waste Challenge"

This year at the March edition of the Global Service Jam, we have come together with What Design Can Do and their No Waste Challenge. It’s a great initiative and very compatible with what we do at the Global Jams. (We hear that some of the WDCD folks are even Jammers!)

For our Hosts and Jammers, this opens up some exciting options. Depending on how Jammers interpret the Secret Theme of the Jam, a #GSJam project can become a great springboard into the No Waste Challenge. And any Jammer can use the No Waste Challenge resources to augment their own Jam research.

And... if a Jam Team want to explore taking their project further, they might get together after the Global Service Jam, evolve their project, and enter it into the No Waste Challenge in April.  We can even support you over those critical weeks between the Jam and the NWC deadline.

If a team is successful at the No Waste Challenge, there is a great opportunity to make their evolved Jam prototype into reality – with funding, publicity and a development programme co-created with Impact Hub!

Check out the No Waste Challenge right now. It could be great inspiration – and more – for your Jam!

(PSST... of course the Jam is still open for all types of projects, and the Secret Theme will have many possible interpretations, as usual. You can always Jam on whatever engages you. This great collaboration with WCDC give Jammers more options, not restrictions! :) .)

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