Created on:
July 3, 2020

Big Jam Weekend 8th August 2020!

After a few brave cities Jammed remotely back in March, it’s soon time for the “Big Jam Weekend”.  This is what you need to know:

  • The main focus of the #GSJam 2020 will be the weekend of the 8th of August. Most local Jams have already confirmed this date. Thanks!

  • In this exceptional year, some Jams will take place on different weekends for local reasons, but we hope as many Jams as possible will join us on the 8th of August weekend. The 8.8. weekend is the Big Jam!

  • We expect that local Jams will be a mix of offline, online and online-offline events. Local Hosts will choose the best option for their circumstances.  All Jams will have the same timeframe and Secret Theme, and will publish their prototypes on the same sharing platform.

  • Want to Host your own Jam and help bring design to your community? Here’s what you need to know.
  • Want to attend a Jam, in person or remotely? See who’s Hosting!

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A statement from Adam and Markus

A statement from Adam and Markus

After listening to many voices and different viewpoints, we have had to accept that sometimes even peaceful intentions can be misused. And that misuse can endanger the future of a platform for understanding and – more importantly – the wellbeing of its participants. Like so many countries, companies, sports associations, arts organisations, and the ICJ, we stand with the Ukrainian people and renounce Russian aggression. Therefore we will not be allowing or supporting Russian Jams at the 2022 Global Service Jam.