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June 9, 2018

This is how we Jammed, 2018

Hiya from #SunnyDundee!

A big congratulations and collective high five to the incredible jammers around the world, as we wrap up the 6th Annual Global Gov Jam (and 7th GovJam).

This year’s headquarters in Dundee, Scotland was full of energy, creativity, and mischief. Dundee is known for jute, journalism, and jam (the food). But this week, it was also known for JAM (the event). A big thank you from the HQ Host team in Dundee - Mike Press, Hazel White, Linsay Mcintosh, Katie Bain - to all the local hosts, Jammers, sponsors, and everyone else who helped us Jam!

We had 30 + cities across the globe welcome friends new and old, to learn about how to rock the public sector using design. Participants included public sector teams, healthcare workers, students, designers, and more! We made prototypes that were Failable, (Inter)Active, Informative, Lo-Fi, and Disposable. Most importantly, prototypes helped better understand citizens and how to serve them.

The power of design linked to the wonder of people makes for inspiration.

Here’s a little look back at how we Jammed:

Special thanks to the Global HQ team Adam Lawrence, Barbara Martlova, Natasche Padialli, Marina Terteryan for supporting the local jams day and night. As you reflect on the end of the Jam, consider the statement: “Tomorrow, I will…” and think about how you will use your Jam learnings to make the world around you better.

See you next year, same jam time, same Jam planet.

#DNDGovJam, Global HQ 2018

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A statement from Adam and Markus

A statement from Adam and Markus

After listening to many voices and different viewpoints, we have had to accept that sometimes even peaceful intentions can be misused. And that misuse can endanger the future of a platform for understanding and – more importantly – the wellbeing of its participants. Like so many countries, companies, sports associations, arts organisations, and the ICJ, we stand with the Ukrainian people and renounce Russian aggression. Therefore we will not be allowing or supporting Russian Jams at the 2022 Global Service Jam.