Created on:
March 12, 2018

#GSJam PowerUp - watch jams from all over the world LIVE

During the Jam weekend, Marc Fonteijn from the Service Design Show went LIVE talking to Jam hosts from all over the world. Here's the archive if you didn't tune in during the Jam to watch live or rewatch the episodes on YouTube later:

#GSJam PowerUp Day 1

#GSJam PowerUp Day 2

#GSJAM PowerUp Day 3

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A statement from Adam and Markus

A statement from Adam and Markus

After listening to many voices and different viewpoints, we have had to accept that sometimes even peaceful intentions can be misused. And that misuse can endanger the future of a platform for understanding and – more importantly – the wellbeing of its participants. Like so many countries, companies, sports associations, arts organisations, and the ICJ, we stand with the Ukrainian people and renounce Russian aggression. Therefore we will not be allowing or supporting Russian Jams at the 2022 Global Service Jam.