Meet new people in your city and connect to a global community of innovators. Come as you are, without an idea in mind.


Break free from your day-to-day and learn how to work and collaborate through productive play and fun.


DOING not TALKING! Immerse yourself in a creative process and prototype a new product or service to inspire the world.

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What people say

"The Global Service Jam ... due to the easily adoptable and original format, has led to the creation of a huge and passionate community of designers. "
Core 77 Service Design Awards

"You can't learn this from a book. My tip is, if you really want to learn about service design, join one of your local Global Service Jam sites."
Mark Stickdorn, Author This is Service Design Thinking (and a Jammer)
"Organizing a Jam (...) strengthens your leadership and makes you part of this inspiring and 'fun-to-be-with' community!“
Birgit Mager, Professor of Service Design at KISD, President of the Service Design Network (and a Jammer)
“There is nothing like the energy created by jammers! It fuels creativity, teamwork, awesome services & great friendships.”
Ana & Ana, Jammers from Ljubljana